Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

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One of the rolloffs in our dumpster fleet
One of the rolloffs in our dumpster fleet

Our Promise To YOU

Illegal Dumping is certainly a problem – and NOT just in Houston. DITR gives you a promise that when it comes to following rules and regulations, we believe that illegal dumping hurts everyone.

What are the negative impacts of illegal dumping?

  • People who illegally dump might charge a lower price due to lesser expenses – but they may be putting your personal information at risk
  • Those who choose to dump trash illegally cause fines for innocent people and business owners to call legitimate trash removal companies
  • Trash along busy roads looks bad and reflects bad on the area
  • Trash behind homes or businesses does more than just look bad – it is also bad for the environment
  • Unwanted discarding of items can even cause a health risk to those around
  • Stale items that are disposed of in an improper fashion can cause rodents, bug infestation, diseases, and the list goes on…

Refer to our blog post on illegal dumping for more information and know that DITR ALWAYS disposes of materials legally or recycles (when possible).