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Welcome to DITR

A new wrap - A fresh look!


Welcome to YOUR dumpster company! We are so excited that you have landed on our site! Welcome to DITR (once again), a local dumpster rental (primary service) and junk removal company. We have several services offered s and work hard to give and maintain great service to our customers.

Welcome to DITR – you are in the right place for dumpster services offered!

Why Choose DITR?

Our customers are varied and include residential and commercial clients. Whether a spring cleaning, demolition job, hoarder house clean job, or storage facility clearing, DITR often has creative solutions to help you clean your space.

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DITR Services Offered – Houston

The services we offer include: dumpster rentals and junk removal. We will dive into both of these services in greater detail below:

Dumpster Rentals

All of our dumpster rentals come by default with 2 Tons of material weight and up to a 25 mile one-way radius for travels. If exceeding these thresholds, extra fees would apply for additional distance (miles), overfilling, impeding pickup, extra days, or added yardage. ALL PRICES ARE CLEAR – there are NO HIDDEN FEES for services offered!

Junk Removal

We offer curbside pickups, minimum and mid-sized junk removals and more. The costs for this type of service depend on the type of material removal and difficulty to transport. For example, if the junk job is in one or more piles versus being lying around the property, the cost to remove the unwanted debris may be much less – due to the time involved. Likewise, if the job request contains stairs, that too can impact the cost of the project.

Payment for this type of service renders half up front and the remaining half at completion. BEFORE and AFTER photos tend to capture the extend and reward of the job.

Once again…Welcome to DITR – we are glad you are here!

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DITR Dumpster Size Availability

Our dumpster rental durations are available for one day or three days by default. We may consider more customized durations; however, most customers find that these timeframes are sufficient – most even fill the bin before the rental duration has elapsed.

It we are able to pickup the dumpster bin early, then we will fit the into the schedule – sometimes the ability to be flexible means offering ‘best in class’ service to our customers. They like having options from time to time.

The sizes offered for rent include 7YD, 10YD, and 15YD. Many of our bins are physically either 10YD or 15YD and contain fill lines on the dumpster or communicated in writing (e.g., text messages). We take the ‘guess work’ our of renting a dumpster from our company.

DITR is Glad to have YOU!

Welcome to YOUR Dumpster Company – be sure to stop by our Shop frequently!